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Wed Nov 30 19:16:29 PST 2005

On Nov 30 2005, at 9:26 PM, Roy C. Lackey wrote:
> Uh, no. First of all, Able didn't believe he could be beaten by  
> anyone, and
> he was right; there was no doubt about the outcome. He was a Hero,  
> not just
> a knight. Second, Gaynor's "innocence" wasn't really at issue. The
> precipitating spat between her and Morcaine was a sham, a plan  
> concocted by
> Earl Marshal Escan, with the complicity of both women (who each had
> divergent agenda but were in agreement on this one issue), to get  
> Able an
> audience with Arnthor so he could deliver his Aelf message.

So what do you think about Org, and their relationship? Org beat Able  
soundly, but then Uri, Baki, and Gylf jumped in. Rather than running  
away, which might have been fine, Org put his neck under Able's boot.  
Perhaps this was because they had made a deal before wrestling.  
Despite the fact that Org was intrinsically evil and irredeemable was  
reinforced throughout the story, he demonstrated a definite loyalty  
to Able, and even extended that loyalty to whoever Able told him to.  
To the point of being really hungry at times. Also, even in the  
dungeon, when Org was apparently very big, and there was no little  
indication that Uri, Baki, or Gylf would jump in if he wanted to, he  
continued to serve Able. What do you think of Org's example of  
loyalty and honor?

Also, Able was defeated other times. Once in the pass, there was a  
similar turnaround where the Knight who had defeated him (the Knight  
of the Lions, was it?) made the decision to become the defeated once  
Able's friends - this time, the dead former weilders of Eterne -  
showed themselves. 

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