(urth) A Knight question

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Wed Nov 2 14:31:57 PST 2005

When Grengarm opened his mouth, Able saw the faces of his victims - I don't 
think that there was any specific person's face in Grengarm's mouth that 
comprises the revelation Able is talking about.

I think that what Able is talking about there is that he had seen Garsecg's 
face in Setr's mouth earlier, and at that moment realized the implications - 
that if there had been a "real" Garsecg at one time, that sea aelf had been 
consumed and displaced by Setr.

>Hello, brand new rabid Wolfe fan here (just discovered him last year,
>I've read like 17 of his books  since). I've been browsing the
>archives here for a few months and I'd like to say thanks back
>through time to all for the enlightening posts over the years.
>Here's a quick Knight question I don't think I've seen posted before:
>While Grengarm was dying, Able says that he opened his mouth and then
>something about "things which had been hidden were revealed to me."
>I am assuming that Grengarm showed him a face inside of his mouth, as
>Setr opening his mouth and speaking to Able with Garceg's face. So
>who was Grengarm's inner face? Did I miss something that was actually
>stated, or was this maybe, something he had forgotten while in
>Aelfrice the first time, but would soon forget again anyways, once he
>was kissed by the Valkyrie?
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