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Mon May 30 13:59:30 PDT 2005

Absolutely fool-proof method for getting an ebook:

You must get access to a computer with an optical input device,
preferably with a flatbed -- like, say, a scanner.

Using the computer, purchase a copy of The Wizard and one of The
Knight. You can definitely get them from barnesandnoble.com or even
amazon.com. Have them shipped _directly_ to your address.

Scan both books (remember, there's text on both sides of each page!),
using software to optimize character recognition. Save output into a
word processor, then -- and this is the tricky part -- you have to go
line by line through the scanned copy, comparing it to the printed
books to ensure no errors make it through. This may take some time,
but it critical to ensure that your ebook is canonical.

Finally, save the cleaned up text into your favorite electronic
book-reader format. That should do it!

Hope this "helps,"


On 5/30/05, nalinder at centrum.cz <nalinder at centrum.cz> wrote:
> Hi, its me again. Im sorry for the "spam", but i ask you, users of urth.net, about ebooks of this interesting books (Wizard, Knight). Have you got it, please? I know that these books are somewhere, but i cannot find it. Please, help me! Thx
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