(urth) ...a little help here (new urthling)

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Fri May 20 12:24:45 PDT 2005

Okay. I'll take this one on. For starters, a re-reading is probably in
order. It is often said that Wolfe cannot be read, only re-read.

Alexander Wallis said:
>However I have to admit I got a little lost not long after Severian's
>return to Urth.  In fact the last couple of chapters were pretty much lost
>on me and I don't understand the significance of Apu-Punchau.

Hmmm...well, if you only failed to see the significance of Apu-Punchau, then
there is probably a lot of which you misunderstood the significance and
didn't realize it.

There are possibly many points to the AP story, such as the nature of 
prophecy to an Increate who exists outside of time. The nature of identity 
of the Christian Messiah (vis a vis Dionysus, Hari Krishna, and Mithra) in 
that Conciliator IS, is LIKE, and is NOT the same as, Apu-Punchau who was an 
earlier Conciliator when Urth's Sun was young and hale. I'm sure there are 
other significances.

>From reading your discussions it seems clear there is no definitive
>explanation of anything about these books.

See? You are picking this up fast.

>However I'd like to know what
>long term Wolfe readers understand by the concluding events in Urth of the
>New Sun. Specifically was Severian also the bringer of the old Sun?

In what way do you mean that? The Old Sun is damaged by having a black hole 
in it. Severian brings "The White Fountain", a reverse black hole to heal 

>Was Apu-Punchau
>merely Severian in an earlier time, or were they both representations of 
>same principle (as per the anima discussion)?

Well, let me ask you: Who was the Severian who "nearly" drowned in the Gyol? 
Who was the Severian that fell down that shaft in UotNS?

~ Crush 

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