(urth) The wizard ebook

Maru Dubshinki marudubshinki at gmail.com
Thu May 5 18:11:32 PDT 2005

On 5/5/05, nalinder at centrum.cz <nalinder at centrum.cz> wrote:
> Hi, I am new here.
> I have a problem: I live in czech republic and I want to read books The wizard, The Knight. Have you got these books such as ebooks? I cannot buy it, because I have no money, but huge taste for read it! Can anyone help me, please? (sorry for my bad english)
> Thanks 2 all!

I have never seen an ebook of either, I'm afraid. I did see Urth of
the New Sun, Book of the New Sun, 7 American Nights, and The Island of
Doctor Death and Other Stories  And Other Stories on various P2P
networks. But not the Wizard-Knight duology, I'm afraid.  Perhaps a
list member will scan it; probably not though. Sorry.

And don't worry about the English; we shan't bite.

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