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We'll have to agree to disagree on the cross, I think.  As I said, your definition is technically more correct, but I'm not sure that means much with Wolfe.  I don't have my new sun books but i envisioned Agila (through two readings) as having reddish brown hair.  however, she was flat chested, where "Jugs" obviously isn't.  They do have similar facial structure though.

Here's something I forgot for my last post and it was probably the most important thing I had to say:
When Maytera Marble finds Maytera Rose's corpse there is a monitor in her room that shows Lake Limna with Chenille (posessed by Scylla), Auk, Incus, Oreb, and the fisherman.  Why is this on in Rose's room?  Did a god possess her and the shock kill her?  Echidna perhaps?  It's a very confusing scene, deliberately so I suppose.  I don't recall this ever being touched upon and I nearly passed it even on my second read.  Any ideas?

ps.  I recommend the Savage Tales of Solomon Kane to anyone with pulp sensibilities.  I like them better than Conan.  Beware though, the binding on the paperback is not so great.  The art by Gary Gianni however, is superb.


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Halekin said:
>Silk carries a lioness headed staff.  he also ends up with a gun (needler) 
>and a sword
>(azoth) and we find out he is an accomplished swordsman (though he doesn't 
>know it
>himself).  Superficially Silk is Solomon Kane, RE Howard's puritan 
>swordsman who
>wears all black and carries two pistols and, for many of his adventures, a 
>cat headed
>staff given him by N'Longa a witch doctor who can possess people much like 
>I doubt it means anything but it's still cool.
>Remora comes off much more sympathetically on a second read.  Chenille 
>bears a strange resemblance to Agila with red hair and flat cheeks.

BTW I liked the connection to Solomon Kane, I really think there might be 
something to it.

Did Agila have red hair? That went right by me.


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