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Mon May 16 13:59:01 PDT 2005

Urthers --

A while back, I asked about books Wolfe recommended or books for which he had written blurbs.

I've seen his blurbs on

* Orson Scott Card (whom Wolfe calls "Oar Scottson Curd"), _Ender's Game_
* Avram Davidson, _Treasury_
* Sharon Baker, _Journey to Memblar_

and someone mentioned that he has a blurb on 

* Jennifer Stevenson, Trash Sex Magic

I've also discovered that this site gives a list of several (though it's far from complete).  I can't say I'm familiar with any of the authors:

* Robert Nathan, Portrait of Jennie (1940)
* George Turner, Drowning Towers (1987)
* Robert Aickman, The Model (1987)
* David Zindell, Neverness (1988)
* Paul Park, Coelestis (1993)
* Terry McGarry, Illumination (2001)

Anyone read these?

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