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Thu Mar 31 08:49:23 PST 2005

 Roy C. Lackey  writes:

>   Adam wrote:
> >But no bigger a problem than those in the real world who died before
> Jesus's
> >birth. For that matter, the inhabitants of Urth are virtually all 
> >anyway. There was a discussion about whether Christianity existed in 
> >day a long time ago on the list, but I don't recall what conclusion 
> >reached, if any; but if there are any Christians still around, 
> >surely a very small minority.

> Agreed.

Isn't there some dispute about what happened to those who died before 
was born?  Jesus' own words from the Bible:

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, the hour is coming, and now is, when 
the dead
shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live" 
(John 5:25).

Doing a little searching on the web, it seems "dead" in this passage is 
interpreted as "dead of spirit" and not "dead in the grave," but I 
don't know
what Wolfe's take on this would be.  Until a few months ago, I would 
have said
that Peace showed Wolfe thought the dead could still be saved, but 
since I
recently saw an interview where he explicitly denied having intended 
Weer to
be in Purgatory when he wrote it (although he didn't actually disagree 
this interpretation), I'm now not sure where he stands.

> >I've never really understood how Christian readers of Wolfe can take 
> >Christian imagery surrounding the New Sun at face value, ignoring 
the fact
> >that unlike Jesus, it brings not salvation but indiscriminate death 
> >damnation.

> >(Incidentally, I don't like the idea that the Sun cycle takes place 
in a
> >previous universe either -- I'd like to believe that it was 
something Wolfe
> >dreamed up after the fact, so I could reject it with a clear 
conscience --
> >but since Wolfe did say it, I feel I have to take it into account.)

> Maybe Wolfe placed the Sun cycle in a previous universe in an attempt 
> dodge the problem presented by the Incarnation that I mentioned. But 
> Newton and Einstein would frown on uncaused effects -- those Christian
> symbols.

Stone Ox

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