(urth) Re: Increate on trial

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Thu Mar 31 00:10:19 PST 2005

Uwe Schuerkamp quoted me and wrote:
>> the planet with various Old Testament luminaries -- to say nothing of the
>> life and death of Jesus. There can be no more hallowed ground in any
>> universe.
>Now now, aren't you reading too much into Wolfe's christian
>background? Funny thing is that when I found out he is a converted
>catholic (he mentioned it in some interview I read on the web), this
>fact alone really put me off his books for a while, and I was reading
>too much into certain scenes he describes, too (like the one where
>Maytera's daughter and Silk/Horn "re-invent" the communion).
>Your definition of "hallowed ground" might not fit Wolfe's.

Perhaps not; but my point in the above excerpt was to maintain that, from
one end of the Judeo-Christian spectrum to the other, from the Old Testament
to the New, the world we live on is necessarily the most dear piece of real
estate in Creation to the Increate. I don't see how either Jew or Christian
could argue with that.

In my recent postings I have tried, by my phrasing and use of quotes, to
present common Christian beliefs, some of which are probably, even
necessarily held by Wolfe, without appearing to endorse them. I don't. I am
not a Christian, but that doesn't make me blind to Wolfe's religious
background or use of Christian themes and imagery. Particularly in his short
stories, Wolfe is decidedly Christian. Just two examples: read "No Planets
Strike" and tell me it isn't Christian, or "Queen", which is nothing but.


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