(urth) All is Shadow and dust

Chris rasputin_ at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 26 00:31:02 PST 2005

nastler said:
>Urth only seems unreal because we see it through Sev,
>and he is not well in his head. Compare with the Urth
>sections related for us in SS.
>"Urth IS real (and I, unfortunately, am nastler)."

Comparisons with passages about Urth in BotSS can only go so far. But here's 
a comparison for you:

People who get sucked into the sort of astral travel that Silkhorn engages 
in tend to interpret what happened in that projection as...

A dream.

>MESCHIA: "Do you think you are more than a corpse? You
>are less"
>This line of the play, spoken by Sev, is his opinion
>of his fellow Urthers. It is what allows him to do
>what he does.

It indicates his attitude, which allows him to do as he does. But: do you 
think it is right or wrong for him to hold this attitude? And if right, then 

What's bizarre about the stance I am taking is that by it, I don't intend to 
discount the actual narrative of the New Sun books, or the actions of 
Severian. Nonetheless I feel this is a not only justified but INTENDED point 
of view, and that these opinions are not contradictory. I hope I can be 
forgiven for this lapse (though I think it is an oddity that Wolfe intended 
to produce).


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