(urth) In defense of WatchmEn, Severian

maru marudubshinki at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 05:50:58 PST 2005

David Lebling wrote:

>Where are the factories that produce the energy weapons used in the battles
>with Ascia? Are all those weapons leftover from a previous industrial
>civilization? I doubt it.
>Where is the Detroit or Pittsburgh (or Shanghai, for that matter) to
>correspond to Nessus's New York or Washington?
>(It's clear there is some level of trade with the cacogens, but apparently
>not a lot as their devices are extremely rare and expensive.)
>-- Dave Lebling, aka vizcacha
I do not know the answer to the other questions, but
for those, remember, we are talking distant aeons into
the future, and they are in the southern hemisphere anyway, so
we wouldn't hear of most of those cities..


That is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie,
And With Strange Aeons, Even Death May Die.

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