(urth) In defense of Watchman, Severian

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 23 05:47:29 PST 2005

>But if people really want to know what Moore thinks of fascism, you should
>read the (I think) vastly superior though less famous V is For Vendetta.

I hope I didn't say I thought Moore is/was a fascist. I said I believe THE 
WATCHMEN is fascist. The interpretations that ameliorate its most 
straightforward reading have made me see that Moore *might* have not 
intended it: THE WATCHMEN *might* be flawed in that the author's intended 
drift is so nuanced that the work actually conveys a theme that is the 
opposite of what Moore wanted.

>Fascism = the good of the genetic collective must supercede that of the
>individual within it, ((in order that that collective may have victory over
>other groups or at least survive)).

I remember Iorwerth said we should establish a definition for "fascism" 
before continuing. I'd say this declaration of terms from Andy bears out 
that admonition. IMO this definition is both too narrow and far far to 

Personally, I don't think I use the term "fascism" lightly, and while I do 
consider TDKR and WATCHMEN to be uniquely fascist among the most popular fan 
fiction in my experience (partly because one influenced the other IMO), I 
don't yet see the same thing in DUNE or STARSHIP TROOPERS or SF generally --  
certainly not to the same extent. Fascism is not merely the opposite of 

But since I don't think refining a definition of fascism to be useful to 
this list, and I don't think this subject can progress without one, I regret 
my original superfluous interjection regarding THE WATCHMEN.

~ Crush 

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