(urth) All is Shadow and dust

nastler nastler at yahoo.dk
Wed Mar 23 02:16:18 PST 2005

Maru said:
"I say we see the unreality of Urth and do not condemn
the slaying of 

I disagree.
Urth only seems unreal because we see it through Sev,
and he is not well in his head. Compare with the Urth
sections related for us in SS.
"Urth IS real (and I, unfortunately, am nastler)."

Maru said:
"let us not forget the play in TBotNS; I once was told
that the
play was like a skeleton key to the whole cycle. It
makes a certain
sense that there would be a parallel between the old
people in the
play being hunted and killed (I'm not sure about the
killing bit- its
been a while since I read the play) and actual 'Old
Sun'ers being
killed. The whole eschatological cleansing of the
world, Apocalypse
now, Jerusalem being made anew, and a third of the
population shall be
struck down etc. etc."

MESCHIA: "Do you think you are more than a corpse? You
are less"
This line of the play, spoken by Sev, is his opinion
of his fellow Urthers. It is what allows him to do
what he does.

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