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>     Another Hyperion fan!  Excellent...
> >>>And another.  Simmons reports that all four books are being written 
> as one three-hour movie, I believe, for Martin Scorsese.  I have a 
> feeling Scorsese will end up just exec-producing it, though.
> Hyperion exists on that line of great SF books that are literature 
> which cannot reasonably be translated into film, and those that are 
> good stories that can.  I bring this up because I find Wolfe perhaps 
> the living SF writer whose work is SO book-ish that I can't imagine it 
> being adapted to film.  On the other end are the many SF books which 
> seem to have been written with an ultimate movie adaptation in mind.
> John
maru: If I were a bigger Simmons fan, I'd know that already. Oh well.
/maru agrees with the last paragraph, but is about to die from laughing 
at the first one. If they can't even get Ender's Game right,
to try and do the Hyperion quartet is, in units of hubristicness, beyond 
the power of any numbers mortals can devise to express.

/quit Maru (Scorsese? *shakes head*)

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