(urth) Overcyn

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 22 06:14:05 PST 2005

>>as in Ubermensche (which unrelatedly is the meaning of Overcyn).
>Is that really the best readng of "Overcyn"? AFK, "cyn" = "kin",
>and you could just read it as "the folks who live up there". Or
>maybe even, "our kin up above". (I get the sense that the Overcyns
>are somehow "kin" to humans - Art seems to make a point of it from
>time to time - though I don't know how that fits with humans having
>been raised from animals.)

"cyn" is Icelandic for people, race, and yes "kin" as in people related to 
each other and by extrapolation "my kin" or relatives.

Over is from Indoeuropean, so AFAIK there is no old word "overcyn". Wolfe 
made it up. One could translate it merely as "the people above us" as well I 
suppose but I think the connection to "Uber=over or super (as in ubermensch) 
as opposed to Under = inferior, sub, below (as in undermensch) is also 
reasonable and likely intended.

~ Crush 

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