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Mon Mar 21 06:39:22 PST 2005

>From: maru <marudubshinki at gmail.com>

>You wish an objective goal? Very well, I can supply one.
>Consider that happiness has a very strong correlation to
>the concentrations of certain chemicals in the human species
>brain, which is objectively measurable; consider further that
>there are brain wave patterns which have a very strong correlation
>with happiness, and are equally objectively measurable.  These two
>tests can be concatenated for a measurement of high confidence.
>Find out of the set of all physical behaivours
>which are selectable by a particular human, the action which results in a  
>global maxima
>of a scalar quantity of happiness, measured dimensionlessly, with every 
>homo sapien
>weighted equally.  This would be the ideal well-adjusted, but undoubtedly
>is computationally intractable to find, so practically it can be reduced to
>optimum behaivour findable in a certain finite time.
>This pseudo-definition give you a decent start for what 'well-adjusted' is?
>It isn't that it can't be well-defined, its that no one bothers since we 
>all know it intuitively.

*Puts on G. E. Moore mask*

'And why is maximising that in the majority of the population good?'


(who really should be getting some work done instead of discussing ethics)

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