(urth) The eyes of a clone

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 16:50:07 PDT 2005

--- thalassocrat at nym.hush.com wrote:
> On a little tangent, I think Sev's childhood
> play-tomb must be 
> Ymar's. It's surely the tomb of someone who went off
> in a ship and 
> returned. If we are to believe (as we are told) that
> Sev's 
> predecessor was the first Autarch since Ymar to make
> the journey, 
> then whose else could it really be? At the end of
> New Sun, we are 
> left with the suggestion that it was Sev's own tomb,
> somehow or 
> other; I think it must have been both Sev's and
> Ymar's - again, 
> somehow or other.

Thank you, thank you.  I for one am 110% behind you on


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