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Fri Jul 22 18:37:31 PDT 2005

This is indeed good news, although I am more interested in the long term 
(expanded, corrected version) than in the short term (I am not *quite* 
fanatical enough to spend $30 on spiralbound photocopies just to have it 
right this second).

Someone mentioned Doctorow, and there's certainly something to be said for 
that kind of publishing in principle, but to throw in my two cents: just 
because it works for one person (and in one genre) doesn't mean it will for 
another. Doctorow's expected audience is not the same as that of LU, even if 
there is some overlap. One has to respect the author's knowledge of his 
field and his audience; if he doesn't want to distribute on the same model 
as Doctorow it is because his *professional* opinion that it isn't for the 

That said, I think the *availability* of an electronic format opens up 
enticing possibilities when it comes to Wolfe's work and the related 
materials. The ability to make citations and to look up vaguely-remembered 
counterpoints makes a huge difference in the kind of arguments we have here.

Actually even though I love paper books and insist on having physical copies 
of the books I love, a serious argument could be made that the lasting 
*value* I'd get out of an electronic version would be at least as much, or 
more, than I'd get out of the paper version.

>Woo-hoo! That is *excellent*, both short-term and long!
>Hey, Civet -- are you reading this? <grin>
>On 7/22/05, Roy C. Lackey <rclackey at stic.net> wrote:
> > I passed along the recent queries about LEXICON URTHUS to the author. 
> > is what he had to say:
> > ***************************************************
> > >What to tell the List:
> > >
> > >The lexicographer is working on the Lexicon.
> > >
> > >All the corrections (and most of the additions) of AE& series and
> > >NS-1 are going into it.
> > >
> > >In addition, all the named characters.
> > >
> > >It will most likely be a print on demand book.
> > >
> > >No release date as yet.  Probably a year or two away.
> > >
> > >In the meantime, for those who need the information and cannot wait,
> > >signed and numbered photocopies (spiral bound ) of the Lexicon are
> > >available for $24 plus shipping (in US $3 media mail, $6 Priority
> > >Mail).
> > >
> > >Thank you for your interest in Sirius Fiction.
> > >
> > >=Michael=
> > ****************************************************
> >
> > -Roy
> >
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