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pthwndxrclzp aquastor at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:49:02 PDT 2005

If MA-D/Mantis were to grant a public license, and my doing so would
be within the constraints of such a license, I would be
delighted/honored to digitize the book and make the results available
to the list members. Given the passion and commitment of most if not
all of us, it seems a first-water tragedy (or vicious crime, take your
pick) that the book is essentially unavailable.

That said (well, written), and alternatively, should Mr. Mantis be
reading or sent a copy of this discussion, I should point out that
http://www.lulu.com/ could make printed copies available nearly
overnight, at whatever price MA-D deemed suitable (with a good and
well-deserved commission on each going directly to him -- I think lulu
charges about seven bucks for a perfect-bound copy, so with a price
point of, say, $20, I think he'd do okay, and he'd have a bunch of
newly-delighted customers).

For what it's worth, my $.02 on the subject. Er, two-hundredths of a
card. Whatever.



~Maru wrote:

I was not active on this list when mantis was, nor have my occasional
trawls through the archive (is it just me, or are the archive digests
broken? http://www.urth.net/urth/archives/v212.shtml gives me a 404.)
really revealed much of mants' personality to me.
Is it within the realm of possibility that he might release LU under
the GNU Free Documentation License:

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