(urth) OT: Photographic memory

David Duffy David.Duffy at qimr.edu.au
Wed Jul 6 14:07:06 PDT 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005, nastler wrote:

> http://research.microsoft.com/sendev/project_sensecam.aspx
> Want to have a memory like Sev?
> Want to record every day and play it back and forwards
> again and again any way you want?
> Right now it's only 2000 images a day, but AV feed and
> parametrics like GPS, environment, etc. can't be too
> far off. Then we can all have a true "life-logging"
> tool. Blogs of the future...

That's more like _Schizmatrix_, IIRC, where stars with interesting lives
sell their blogs.  Though turning to Wolfe, Number 5 may have spent his
nights watching lots of old video of himself ;)

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