(urth) Typhon

Chris rasputin_ at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 5 20:43:51 PDT 2005

This has been discussed a few times, I believe. It doesn't seem likely that 
the image was tied inextricably to physical appearance, unless you think 
that Echidne really looked like a monster, etc. It does seem to have 
something to do with self-image, as we see with Tartaros. But it seems just 
as unlikely that Echidne self-identified in such a monstrous way; even 
monstrous people tend to think of themselves in a better light. But if 
Typhon was capable of imposing this image on her, it then raises the 
question of why he didn't fix his own.

Perhaps he had been two-headed for so long that he self-identified that way 
and couldn't alter the image without damaging his personality. (This assumes 
he'd naturally be less concerned about damaging the personalities of his 
wife and children).

>It is odd that he allowed this image to persist on the starcrosser. Perhaps 
>the translation technique would not allow this image to be edited, so it 
>was incorporated into the pantheon.

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