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Sat Jul 2 15:50:12 PDT 2005

Friday, July 1, 2005, 9:52:08 PM, James Wynn wrote:

JW> ...that's not the only Gnostic tag in the New Sun story.

I would like to point out that the New Sun is generally neoplatonic.
Such things as emanations, Aeons etc, hierarchies of angels and of
worlds belonged to common religious heritage of all the religions of the
Middle East, which conquered the whole Roman Empire. (Zoroastrianism,
Judaism, Christianity, Neoplatonism, Mitraism, Islam). Eg Kabbalah,
which undoubtly influenced New Sun, has great similarities with
neoplatonism (along with important differences, of course).

Even dualism isn't specific to gnostics. The battle between Ahura
Mazda and Aryman is one of the main points of Zoroastrianism, and
Zoroastrian church persecuted Gnostics even more than Christians (more
than they persecuted Christians and more than Christians persecuted

The special gnostic idea is different. It  is the revolutionary change
of polarities - the God which all others worship is the Devil, we have
found the true God.

This could be the point of the Long Sun, although
not necessarily. There are many gods there, without one ruling Evil Demiurg,
and Pas isn't exactly devil. The revelation of Silk can be interpreted
as well as Christian attitude towards pagan
gods. Christians commonly claimed the so called pagan gods are really
demons, although there were other opinions. In the New Sun I don't see
anything specifically Gnostic.

    Stanislaus Bocian

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