(urth) Lexicon Urthus

Maru Dubshinki marudubshinki at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 21:20:54 PDT 2005

What is the status of Lexicon Urthus? Is it still a going concern? 
'Cause Sirius says that they are completely and utterly out of LU,
they've been so since 2002, there are no plans for a corrected second
edition, or even a second printing; also, no copy on Abebooks, Amazon,
Ebay or what-have-you is available for less than 100 US$.  Also,
mantis appears to have moved on with other fiction and essays, making
LU look like a classic example of abandonware or an orphaned work
(just rather young).

I am curious because it strikes me that the LU would make a
surpassingly excellent basis for the much-discussed FAQ for this ML. 
I, however, have nil personal experience with Druissi, and I've read
only a few posts by him, since I first joined this list long after he
ceased to be active here.  I need to know: is this within the realm of
possibility?  Would mantis/Andre-Druissi allow a work, which will
probably never see print again, which was only ever aimed at a faction
of a faction of a fraction of the reading audience, and a small
fraction at that, to be licensed, improved and used as a basis for a
vocab section for the FAQ?  Would he find licensing under the GPL free
documentation license, or the Creative Commons
attrib-derive-sharealike-nocommercial license, or another CC license,
would he find it impossible?

Is this but a pipe dream? Is it worth pursuing?


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