(urth) Similarities between TWK and "Golden City Far"

Dustin Frost djakfrost at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 15:42:39 PDT 2005

 I haven't seen any mention of it (I've been lurking since the beginning of 
The Wizard postings), and I couldn't pull up anything in a search of the 
archives, so I thought I'd bring it up here. For any who might have missed 
it, "Golden City Far" is the last story in the 'Flights: Extreme Visions of 
Fantasy' anthology, which I think was just published in trade paperback, as 
well as another upcoming Wolfe collection, Starwater Strains.
 Anyway, the similarities are too many to be coincidence. Is "Golden City 
Far" the extract version (like condensed, but moreso)? Was it a jumping off 
point for TWK? Is there any relation to Castleview? Or am I just reading too 
much into it?
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