(urth) Mamelta is Kypris?

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 5 10:41:30 PDT 2005

I said to Chris
>>Funny you should say that. Go back and search the
>>archives for the  discussion
>>on whether Mamelta is Kypris and Silk's mother.

Chris responded:
>Maybe something's wrong with the archives, or with my brain, but google is 
>giving me a set of hits that don't include this discussion. I looked for 
>conjunctions of "Mamelta" with both "Kypris" and "mother", separately, and 
>no dice.

Perhaps that discussion occurred during the Missing Year.

The details centered around the Mamelta appearance and Silk's dream in which
Mamelta, Marble, and Hyacinth's appearance (in Hy's case, Kypris said explicitly
that she used to look like her) are confabulated. I wish I could remember every
reference put forward right now, but I can't. 
The theory is not beyond the realm of deniability, but frankly I found it brought
so much into focus that I didn't understand about the book that I was convinced.
And subsequent realizations regarding the text confirmed it.

Maybe someone has the original emails and can repost them?

~ James Wynn

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