(urth) Bubble Boy

Nigel Price nigel.aprice at virgin.net
Thu Jan 27 05:36:17 PST 2005

Yes, I am still here, though I rarely have time to read everything on the
list these days, and even less time to contribute. When I have dipped into
the list of late, however, it has seemed a little strange at times.

But perhaps that's just me.

Anyway, on the happily vague subject of other works which might or might not
have been inspired in some measure by the works of Gene Wolfe, has anyone
here seen the extremely silly but rather amusing film "Bubble Boy"?

I couldn't prove it, and it might just be coincidence, but I'm convinced in
my own mind that there are a couple of episodes which were inspired by or
intended as affectionate tributes to episodes in "The Eyeflash Miracles" and

At one point the stranded Bubble Boy - an innocent youth abroad in a
dangerous world through which he nevertheless passes with miraculous
safety - is rescued by (Hollywood's "comic" idea of) a Hindu ice-cream
salesman driving a bus-like icecream van with a statue of a Hindu deity on
the roof.

Elsewhere in the film, the Bubble Boy rescues the members of a freakshow
from a circus train belonging to a diminutive but despotic show owner.

Hindus in busses? Disfigured freaks?

All right, I can see you're unconvinced. But when the film next comes round
on late night telly, give it a go and see for yourself then if there's
anything to my wild theory of a lupine subtext.

Even if you disagree, I think that you'll get a laugh or two, or maybe just
a chuckle.


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