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It is too easy to prove anything with numerology.

But some numbers are unusual enough to be worth
investigating :

143 BC 

The Hasmonean Kingdom in ancient Judea and its ruling
dynasty from 140 BC to 37 BC was established under the
leadership of Simon Maccabaeus, two decades after
Judah the Maccabee defeated the Seleucid army in 165

internal strife led in 143 to the establishment of
Hasmonean rule.

    * Simon Maccabaeus succeeds his brother Jonathan
as High Priest and king of Judea.
    * Jonathan Maccabaeus (slain by Diodotus Tryphon)

This is from Wiki, but other sources confirm it.

Did I mention my David and Jonathan theory?

143 AD

    * Emperor Chong of Han China

His name means 'filial modesty' but I don't know
enough Sinology to comment further.


Lunar Eclipses of Saros 143

I am sure this was familiar to GW the lunatic, but I
think he found the number easy to remember for another


Possibly spurious, but worth including.'L'ingeniuers
des Ecoles.'


This one I am pretty near 100% sure is not

[Psalm 143] 'One of the Church's seven Penitential
Psalms, this lament is a prayer to be freed from
death-dealing enemies. The psalmist addresses God,
aware that there is no equality between God and
humans; salvation is a gift (Psalm 143:1-2).
Victimized by evil people (Psalm 143:3-4), the
psalmist recites ("remembers") God's past actions on
behalf of the innocent (Psalm 143:5-6). The psalm
continues with fervent prayer (Psalm 143:7-9) and a
strong desire for guidance and protection (Psalm


I believe this is why 143 was a significant number for
GW. Check the badges!


Wolfe, Edgar R. Jr. Lt FO MTO 

Did he lie about his name?


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