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    I put this on the FrequentlyAskedQuestions page at the WolfeWiki 

  What is the significance of the name "Arthur Ormsby"?

	◦ 	 "Orm" is an old scandanavian word for "elm tree", while "orme" is 
an old word for "dragon". One possibility is that "Ormsby" then is some 
translation of "Pendragon". FWIW, the story of Orm, one of the first 
rulers of the Vikings who landed in Scotland, is as follows: The king 
promised that the first man to lay foot on the soil would be the ruler 
of the conquered land. Young Orm lost his leg in a sea battle with the 
Scots. He tied up his stump and survived. On arrival to the shore he 
threw his leg on to land, thus being the "first to set foot".  All of 
this is gleaned from  http://www.ormsby.org/genie/Surname.html  (Kieran 
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