(urth) Berthold at the end

Kieran Mullen kieran at ou.edu
Thu Jan 13 10:11:24 PST 2005

     When do we stop worrying about spoilers?

     Extra space for those who are worried about such things.

     Dum dee dee.....

     Ok.  Able heals Berthold at the end.  Wolfe writes that this is 
particularly difficult.  Some have taken this to mean that some part of 
Berthold died and had to be replaced by part of Ben.    I don't see it. 
  It makes sense to me that since Berthold has been basically brain 
damaged for decades, it would be a bit hard to reverse.  Moreover, it's 
much harder to do than fixing a body.   How do you alter the way 
someone thinks and still have them be the same person at the end?   In 
addition IIRC  Berthold and Gerda are restored to their youth.  So it 
just makes sense that this is difficult.

    Of course, I don't understand the relationship between Able and Art 
or Berthold and Ben.  I have to reread "The Knight" and then reread 
"The Wizard."


     Kieran Mullen

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