(urth) Witch spirit and Tales of Silk and Horn

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Wed Jan 5 21:14:37 PST 2005

I am still about fifty posts short of catching up, so perhaps some of this was covered, but I wanted to respond to a few things i read before I forgot.

A)Wizard Knight: I find it interesting that Org is clearly some kind of mutant chameleon, with scales, a reptillian head, and the ability to blend into the background - but Able doesn't seem to categorize him as a "Lizard"man.

Also, the witches ghost is interesting to me in that she speaks to Able through the wind and the rain instead of with a real voice (in the hut where he meets Mani), just as Apheta does in Urth.  Her spirit seems to be hanging out throughout The Wizard, too.

I was reading a few posts called Tales of Silk and Horn and I wanted to say one small thing about that.  I think the simplest scheme to describe who inhabits Silk's body at any given point in the narrative is that Horn's body dies on Green, his spirit is sent hurtling into Silk, whose spirit has been so wounded (or has vacated his body) that it is no longer extent in the body.  

Then, the quest to find Silk actually ENDS when Horn gives his (ok, Silk's) eye to Pig, allowing Silver Silk, who is a download of Silk from the mainframe into Pig, to re-enter the body of Silk by escaping Pig's eye , creating Silk+Horn.  Then, Horn begins writing.  He says his goodbyes and leaves the body of Silk, and then Silver Silk, who was never the real Silk, takes up the tale of Horn and his death at the beginning of In Green's Jungles, but denies that he is Silk until he is forced into it, so that in the text, Silk admits that he is in fact Silk at about the same place that Silver Silk is freed from Pig and placed in Silk's body.

So it is a copy of a copy of Silk that we are left with, like the copy of a copy of Severian at the end of Urth.



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