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It seems that there can be multiple gods on every
level except the highest and the lowest.  I find 
Wolfe's scheme confusing, I must admit.  Kulilli is
the original inhabitant of Aelfrice.  Why isn't she
worshipped by the dragons of Muspel?  Nor does it seem
that the Most Low God worships the dragons.  And
though the Angrborne live on Mythgarthr, they are not
worshipped by the Aelf.  I wonder if descent from Angr
has anything to do with who is and isn't a proper
object of worship.


--- Dave Rolsky <autarch at urth.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, David Lebling wrote:
> > Crush asks:
> >> Who is the god of Mythgarther? Not Able...he
> doesn't seem specially
> >> connected to a particular level. Arnthor?
> >
> > The whole point of the message Able carries is to
> enable the Aelf to ask
> > Arnthor, the god of Mythgarthr, to be a better
> god.
> That's a terribly confusing phrasing.  Arnthor is
> not the god _of_ (over) 
> Mythgarthr, he's a god of Aelfrice who lives _in_
> Mythgarthr.  I think the 
> god of Mythgarthr is the Valfather, clearly, though
> he's just one of many.
> Kulilli may be another god of Aelfrice, as James
> Wynn suggested, although 
> it's not clear to me if she is _of_ Aelfrice or
> Mythgarthr.  I think it'd 
> have to be the latter for her to be a god of
> Aelfrice.
> -dave
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