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Nathan Spears spearofsolomon at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 4 10:12:27 PST 2005

> >I just
> >found it hard to buy the notion that a brief marriage, not known to
> >be consummated, would be taken as conferring authority on a
> >foreigner. And maybe I missed why the female Angrborn live apart,
> >and why the males prefer human women.
> Male and female giants live apart just as male and female elephants live
> apart.

I got the impression it was because the males felt emasculated by their women, who
are larger and stronger than they are, and perhaps because the giantesses don't want
them around.  Notice that Utgard is in the southern part of the kingdom of the
giants; for a species where colder is better, the northern land would be the most

I also noted that Wolfe didn't go out of his way to paint the giantesses as inhuman
and grotesque the way he did the giants, and that Able refers to one as if she were
attractive; I wonder if they don't look vastly different from the giants as well.

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