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Wolfe is pretty explicit (for Wolfe!) about Garvaon
being the murderer.  This occurs after his death, when
Abel is answering various questions put to him by Beel
and others about the attack and the murder.  His
motive is that he is in love with Iddn and can't bear
to see her honor (as he perceives it) besmirched by
the forced marriage to Gilling.  His murder of
Gilling, in knightly terms, is a deeply selfish and
dishonorable act -- thus it's interesting that he is
"raised" to Skai.  But then again, Abel himself goes
against the knightly code many times, and is rewarded
for it.


--- Russell Wodell <wrustle at telus.net> wrote:

> What would be Sir Garvaon's motive for killing
> Gilling? (Rhyme 
> unintentional) And why would Wolfe conceal this for
> so long?
> For this and other reasons, I am fairly certain that
> Iddn is the murderer. 
> She agreed to marry Gilling to achieve power, which
> she maintains with her 
> army of giantesses, but killed him because sexual
> congress would mean her 
> death either in coitus or in giving birth to a
> giant, as Wolfe makes 
> gruesomely explicit.
> If I'm right, this further underlines the increasing
> strain of misogyny in 
> late Wolfe...
> Russell 
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