(urth) The Wizard - questions

David Lebling dlebling at hyraxes.com
Mon Jan 3 10:08:39 PST 2005

Who attacked King Gilling? Was it the same person (or being) both times?

As with many Wolfe mysteries, I suppose he put all the information there and
if one is appropriately Sherlockian one can figure out who it was, but I am
unsure of the answer.

My guesses are (1) Baki or Uri (I have trouble telling them apart) and (2)
Svon, not necessarily in that order. The Fire Aelf would do it to help move
the expedition along and get Able back to what they consider his main
mission, fighting Kulili. Svon would do it to save Idnn from a fate worse
than death. (Who else thought the witch's graphic description of how a human
woman makes love to a giant a bit out of place in an ostensibly YA novel?)

-- Dave, aka Vizcacha

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