(urth) META: Where can I find a discussion list for Gene Wolfe's books?

Kieran Mullen kieran at ou.edu
Mon Feb 21 14:43:37 PST 2005

      At the risk of being rude, I pose the above question.    Of late I 
find very little discussion of Wolfe and lots of thoughts on distantly 
related topics.   Perhaps I am the only one, but such random 
ruminations is the reason why I unsubscribed to this list for a few 
years.  I had hoped people be might discussing the Wizard-Knight books.

     So, I'll kick it off.  Is Able just some kid who wanders into 
Mythgathr, or was he fated to do so?   By the latter I mean does he 
have some special relationship to Mythgathr before the start of the 
first book?

     Kieran Mullen

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