(urth) 5HC : Skinner, Turing (fwd)

maru marudubshinki at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 19:12:57 PST 2005

Nathan Spears wrote:

>>That is entirely your perogative.  Myself, I see people desiring to be 
>>happy. So, they act good so others do
>>not harm them, so they can get things they want that less-devious 
>>maneuvering wouldn't get them, and
>>in a religious context, to get to the infinite bliss of heaven.
>>Perhaps this strikes you as entirely too cynical.
>As I've gotten older, I've noticed more and more that I read my own motivations into
>other people's actions.  Not that I *do* it more and more, just that I've noticed
>how much I do it, because it's very difficult not to when you haven't been exposed
>to alternate motivations.  Would it then be a mistake for me to read that reading of
>my own actions into your reading of other people's motivation for happiness?
Not at all. 
I've long been convinced that my (and everyones really.  They might not 
go about it
very competently, but it seems universal to me) chief desire was to be 
happy, and all
my desires should be subordinated to that goal.
Thus far, what seems to satisfy my desires, and also bring me happiness 
is knowledge,
and games & computers, and good literature like Wolfe's. 
And good oolong tea, but that is just me : )

I am curious what other motivations for happiness there could be, since 
my own formulation
is undoubtedly marred by observer-bias.

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