(urth) 5HC : Thunder Always knocks twice

Jim Raylor rjraylor at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 05:28:39 PST 2005

 Maru said
'...  My suggestion: flip to 'Solar Labyrinth'.It is, IMHO, his best short story, and very applicable to his works.It also lacks the theology that is sometimes annoying.'

I did in fact read that story first.

I am amazed you did not see any theology. 

Apart from the obvious classical allusions (Daedelus, Theseus etc),

 the references to Toltec gods and the Arthurian legends,

 not to mention the tilted crucifix,

 at the heart of this maze it is described as 

'a sketch in the faded black ink of God.'



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