(urth) 5HC : Skinner, Turing (fwd)

Nathan Spears spearofsolomon at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 20:10:44 PST 2005

> That is entirely your perogative.  Myself, I see people desiring to be 
> happy. So, they act good so others do
> not harm them, so they can get things they want that less-devious 
> maneuvering wouldn't get them, and
> in a religious context, to get to the infinite bliss of heaven.
> Perhaps this strikes you as entirely too cynical.
> ~Maru

As I've gotten older, I've noticed more and more that I read my own motivations into
other people's actions.  Not that I *do* it more and more, just that I've noticed
how much I do it, because it's very difficult not to when you haven't been exposed
to alternate motivations.  Would it then be a mistake for me to read that reading of
my own actions into your reading of other people's motivation for happiness?

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