(urth) Hanging Out with the Dream King

Maru Dubshinki marudubshinki at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 08:57:47 PST 2005

Sounds like he's thinking of Orson Scott Card there.  Or at least,
that's the only prominent Mormon writer who brings his religion into
discussion that i can think of, anyway.
But when I said 'fringe-y' I was thinking Mel Gibson & pater type.
Incidentally, what do you mean by: 
>On the other hand, when it
>comes to politics it's a lot harder to reconcile his practice with what he's
>saying here.


On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 10:05:40 -0600, Adam Stephanides
<adamsteph at earthlink.net> wrote:
.... snippity....
> Wolfe answers in part: "I'm not sure that it's anything that I have done; I
> think it's part of my character. It's innate. It seems to me that it is
> wrong to write propaganda that is not clearly propaganda. I teach writing
> from time to time, and you get a certain number of people who basically want
> to write what's basically propaganda for some cause or other. Or some church
> or other -- I have a Mormon friend, and when he tries to write fiction, his
> characters lecture on Mormonism when the lectures on Mormonism have nothing
> to do with the story, frankly. Someone asked Avram Davidson, 'Why aren't any
> of your characters Jewish?' ... He said, 'They all are.'  He wasn't pushing
> Judaism, but he was writing with what he was, which was a Jew. And I think I
> write as what I am."

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