(urth) RE: urth-urth.net Digest, Vol 6, Issue 13

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Tue Feb 8 13:32:05 PST 2005

Taylor Peter writes: 

> Hi - I'm new to the list; I found your allusion to "Wolfe's theory
> regarding the pagan gods" very interesting. I believe Wolfe explores
> this quite a bit in the Urth/Long/Short Sun series as well - would
> anyone care to elaborate on it? 

It's the pattern of the universe as diagrammed in the WIZARD KNIGHT. 

Wolfe imagines the "pagan gods" as being of a lower order of being than the 
One god, but still divine. 

Yet he imagines also there is one perfect god over all. 

I don't know if he literally believes this (I doubt so) or if it's a 
writer's construct. 


The idea has many literary and historical sources, but the most important 
recent one is probably Tolkien and his EA / Valar / Maiar who act in ways 
very like the One God / Kleos / Overcyns 

In a literary sense it's a nod to the origins of European Catholicism (and 
hence our whole Western culture) as syncretised Christianised paganism 

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