(urth) TWK: 7 world cosmology

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Tue Dec 13 00:40:12 PST 2005

Roy C. Lackey writes:
> the difference? Why was the one rewarded and the other punished for doing
> the same basic thing? 
> -Roy

Because the Angeloi had started higher, and had descended of their own will, 
to kill Ymir? 

Because their actions in so doing shaped and created a yet lower realm to 
which they were then bound as gods?   Bound by the results of their action, 
which changed their being?? 

Remember, this is a gnostic cosmos.  God just Is, in a primum-mobile way, 
and pays very little attention to anything but his own glory.  It's not a 
case of  rewarding or punishing, but of things necessarily resulting. 

 - hartshorn 

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