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Thu Dec 1 10:56:22 PST 2005

Hold up just a second here. I've seen this claim, and claims like it, 
multiple times - "Able was a god and couldn't be beaten by anyone", etc. 
It's not true. Able is beaten fair and square in WIZARD, one on one, by the 
champion of the foreign army. There is no indication that he was throwing 
that fight, as he did with the Leopard Knight earlier.

>Uh, no. First of all, Able didn't believe he could be beaten by anyone, and
>he was right; there was no doubt about the outcome. He was a Hero, not just
>a knight. Second, Gaynor's "innocence" wasn't really at issue. The
>precipitating spat between her and Morcaine was a sham, a plan concocted by
>Earl Marshal Escan, with the complicity of both women (who each had
>divergent agenda but were in agreement on this one issue), to get Able an
>audience with Arnthor so he could deliver his Aelf message.
>Gaynor was still a virgin, btw, and Morcaine would get her jollies no 
>who won the combat.
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