(urth) Honor

Andy Robertson andywrobertson at clara.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 03:04:17 PST 2005

Roy C. Lackey writes: 

> Able's original shield was plain green. He doesn't actually use the
> designation "Green Knight" when he relates his little story to Leort, but
> that's clearly the story. And Able doesn't get off with a nick -- according
> to him, his head was cut off and bounced across the floor. Able stood up,
> picked up his head, and tucked it under his arm. (W, 98)

Abel was THE GREEN KNIGHT -  the guy who turned up at Camelot and challenged 
Arthur's knights to the Beheading Game 

Gawain was the knight who took up the challenge and lopped off Abel's head. 

Abel picks up his head and requires Gawain to come to THe Green Chapel in a 
year's time and get a return blow. 

But when Gawain does - after some boudoir comedy with what was probably 
Morcaine - Gawain only gets a nick on the neck 


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