(urth) jahlee and chenille

aramini1 at cox.net aramini1 at cox.net
Tue Aug 9 10:19:21 PDT 2005

We know that after an inhumi feeds on a human, it is not only their child that assumes some of that essence, but themselves as well for a brief time.  

A few years ago, I had posited that Silkhorn in facts liberates Chenille from the basement on Green, where she returns to her old addictions because her children have been killed.  She takes the reparied lander to Blue, and is drunk in the town when Jahlee feeds on her.  Silk narrowly missed running into Chenille in that town, but Jahlee did.  

Maybe Chenille had the ring that was on Horn's body, and brought it with her, thus allowing Oreb to pick it up as well.  

But nobody likes that theory.  My question is, would Silk just leave Chenille trapped in that basement?


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