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Fri Aug 26 01:15:05 PDT 2005

Does this take that much agonizing? The fact that Gene Wolfe is popular now 
is irrelevant, unless you're claiming that somehow Wolfe somehow should have 
known back then that he would be as popular an author as Vinge. Even if you 
assume he made that presumption, when you think about it it would be a 
relative miracle for a book by Vinge or Wolfe to have survived and made its 
way into a library on a planet circling another star.

Maru said:
>Not to be snippy, that was what I was asking: if his 'father' has written a
>whole roomful of books
>like the lady said, and we are correct in identifying the original as Gene
>Wolfe, where are the books?
>Gene Wolfe is popular.
>Two possibilities: A) this whole question is an anacrhonism; Wolfe had no
>way of knowing he would be a success
>and go on to write many fairly popular books; B) we are wrong in our 
>that the "masion du chien" = Wolfe

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