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Thu Aug 25 07:46:34 PDT 2005

Maru Dubshinki wrote:

> All good points: but what does it mean that Number 5 cannot find any 
> books?  If Vinge has a volume in the libary, defintely Wolfe should as 
> well.  Which I feel is a strike against the theory.

At the time Wolfe wrote the original story, he had not yet published any 
books to my knowledge. Maitre's books are probably his private volumes 
of notes on vivisection and theories of how best to take over the world.

> I like the bit about Jeanette, but can we rely on it?  After all, she is 
> Dr. Veil too, is she not? So if her last is not Wolfe like the theory 
> would have, then why should any credence be put in her first name being 
> of significance?

Veil (that which hides) could easily be an assumed name. She may even 
have married a Mr. Veil in an attempt to further the planetary takeover 

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