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On 8/23/05, JWillard <aldenweer at charter.net> wrote:
> I believe this is one of the few things that Wolfe has actually
> confirmed in person...but I don't remember where it was right off.
> Maybe in Strokes, by John Clute...Yeah, here's the quote:
> "A member of the class then asked a question about The Fifth Head of
> Cerberus. Certain clues about the narrator's name seemed to lead in one
> particular direction, he said. Given these clues, could the narrator's
> name really be Gene Wolfe? Gene glanced at the student in mild
> surprise. "Why of course," he said, as though he were the last person
> in the world to have a secret."
> I thought I read somewhere that chien's predominant meaning was dog, but
> could also be wolf. But I don't remember for sure...

That quote doesn't actually settle anything. I remember another quote to the 
effect that Wolfe never actually lies himself. The relevant portion of your 
nice quote is "could the narrator". Sure he could. He could also be an alien 
from outerspace who ravishes women as a hobby.

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