(urth) Re: 5HC (again)

don doggett kingwukong at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 18:41:23 PDT 2005

--- Jeffrey Lefstin <jeff.lefstin at stanfordalumni.org>

> > So we're looking for a last name that is related
> to the French word 
> > "chien" (dog) and begins with a W.  There's only
> one I can think of 
> > and that's "wolf."  Doesn't Wolfe have an essay
> somewhere (perhaps in 
> > Castle of Days) where he talks about how dogs are
> just tame wolves?

Besides, loup would be a dead giveaway, ham handed,
inelegant, and not like GW at all.  They're both canis
which is about as close to obvious as he would ever
seem to get.  And yet vague enough to cause a
discussion.  All for a little pun.  No wonder no one
can sort out the big picture.  Evil.

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