(urth) Travelin' Jahlee

Roy C. Lackey rclackey at stic.net
Wed Aug 17 22:13:22 PDT 2005

Andrew quoted and wrote:
>>Do you also agree, Andrew, that
>>traveled by lander between Green and Blue?
>Maybe! A difficulty is that in Silkhorn's vision of her attacking
>infant Sinew, she seems more like a starving adult than a "little
>girl". RTTW p27: "The inhuma came, a bent and haggard figure that
>was not a woman ... She recalled Jahlee ... a ragged, painfully
>thin figure with famished eyes ..."  It's possible I guess that
>Jahlee at the age of less than two (?) could look like that, but
>The description makes it seem like she's been hungry for a *long*
>time, and really it reminds me of the adult Jahlee, just after
>she's been disinterred in Gaon.

But it's just a dream and can't be taken at face value. Silkhorn also saw
Sinew wearing a ring in that dream that I don't think had really been there.
Silkhorn's subconscious is at work in the dream, putting together the clues
about Jahlee, Sinew and Krait. At the time Sinew was attacked, Silk was back
in Viron and Horn was out on the beach with Nettle. Neither component of
Silkhorn had any real knowledge of the details of the attack. It's all

Or are you suggesting something more . . . supernatural?


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