(urth) Travelin' Jahlee

James Wynn thewynns at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 16 18:35:04 PDT 2005

>I still think the answer is that she traveled on a lander. But, on
>reflection, that 2-3 year window of opportunity has to be even smaller. If
>Jahlee was in fact imprinted with the spirit of Chenille, then one of her
>parents would first have to have fed on Chenille. Then Jahlee's mother
>have to go through the breeding cycle on Green to produce a sentient
>That takes some amount of time. Then Jahlee had to mature enough to be able
>to fly up to that room on the cliff, an amount of time she said was
>And she still wasn't experienced enough to make the Crossing at that point.
>Something's wrong. There isn't enough time. But it makes it pretty clear
>that she didn't get to Blue unaided....I'm still missing something here.

That's the problem with the whole timeline for SS. Sinew's kids seem too old
(*maybe* they could *just* fit in the timeline, but I don't think so). At
the end of RTTW, Hoof says his dad has been gone 3 years, while Hide earlier
said it was 2. And, although, I can't remember exactly where it is, I *do*
recall something that made me think Sinew was born more than 9 months after
the landing.

However, in this case, if one assumes that Inhumi require only a year to
mature (like rats), then it is not impossible for Jahlee to board a lander
and fly to Blue in plenty of time to feed on Sinew.

>The problem is compounded by her own breeding cycle. After feeding on Sinew
>she had to get back to Green to give birth to Krait. How did she get back?
>Did she learn to fly well enough to make the Return Crossing while on Blue?
>...I think she must have traveled both ways by lander.

I think you are right. Since it took years for her to learn to fly to the
top of the cliff, then she could not have flown to Blue on her own the first
time. Anyway, she wouldn't have needed the lander if she had (and I agree
she boarded a lander posing as a little girl). Soooo she had to take a
lander back to Green where she would then learn to fly for her journey back
to Blue (with plenty of time, no?).

Taking a lander both ways cuts out any need for the wait for Green's close

>If so, did she learn before or after she attacked Sinew? How long after
>feeding on a particular human's blood is the potential for imprinting that
>person's spirit on any offspring viable? In other words, if Jahlee had fed
>on another human after she fed on Sinew, would Krait have been somebody

That's an excellent question and I don't know the answer. Do inhuma make the
journey when they are pregnant? Are they impregnated on Blue or when they
return to Green? Or before leaving Green? The answer would vary depending on
which is true.

And I can't remember the explanaiton if there was one of why male inhumi
make the dangerous flight to Blue.

>Or did someone(s) *put* her aboard a lander, presumably on Green,
>for reasons unknown?

Why *wouldn't* she board a lander to Blue if she wanted ensouled children
but could not fly there herself?


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